IT Consulting

Application Management and Software Development

Arising innovations and changing plans of action are driving a move in the role of IT - from utilizing innovation on the side of the business to the higher, more essential objective of securing and improving business esteem. Today, it is important that you have solid IT cycles and practices to guarantee its arrangement and business system and to drive greatness through the IT foundation and the tasks it upholds.

Rish IT Consulting Firm helps CIOs and IT pioneers plan and actualize progressed arrangements in IT administration, security, information the executives, applications, and consistency. Rish attempts to address IT security and privacy concerns with enhanced associations with Industry experts and consultants. Innovation will drive your future, with Rish you can be sure it takes you where you need to go.

In the present quickly developing innovative climate, a trusted adviser – one who gives pertinent bits of knowledge, however, conveys a blend of strategic vision, demonstrated ability, and user experience – can improve the estimation of your business with innovation. We give solutions customized to your Organization's business objectives.

IT Operations, Governance and Planning

No function in an Organization faces more change than IT. The daily requests on the initiative to convey execution, improved insight, security, consistency, and effectiveness are truly expanding. Rish encourages to set a vision for future and adapt to the constantly changing needs of technology.


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the act of getting a particular work cycle or cycles to an outer specialist co-op. The administrations can incorporate finance, bookkeeping, selling, information recording, social media marketing, customer support, and many more.


Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) alludes to a type of rethinking center, data related work exercises executed by representatives in various organizations or by an auxiliary of a similar organization to save cost and assets.

Website Design and Development

We accept that your site is your significant business apparatus. We have developed our web architecture measure over the course of the years to suit businesses of all sizes.
Our team will do an online or offline meeting with the customer to understand their site necessities. We put a key focus on examining the end targets of how the customer plans its site to add to his/her business. The prerequisites investigation covers different perspectives, for example, choice of design, color scheme, target audience, geographic targeting, functional elements, customer experience and all that can help us uncover adequately profound to accompany the most ideal solution.


Rish emphasizes strategic and customized digital marketing services for organizations in Canada. Our group of specialists at Rish represent considerable authority in everything digital marketing. We can assist you with characterizing your online business targets and execute an essential strategic plan with quantifiable outcomes.


Rish Consulting is reliably on top of the latest in search engine marketing and the most helpful and successful patterns. By utilizing procedures that are predictable with SEO we can guarantee that you will rank high for purchasers who are searching for the services that you give in your industry.


The correct social media strategy can boost your brand image, visibility and conversions on the internet. A bigger crowd will have simple admittance to what your business has to bring to the table in a more limited measure of time. We offer standing administration, client commitment, email marketing, and more.


Pay per click (PPC) campaigns permit organizations to have a promotion set transcendently with characteristic aftereffects of search engine query. Your promotion can sit higher and sidestep the regular list items. Rish can likewise give you a successful landing page to augment the results of your PPC campaign.

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